ACI is COMMITTED to the safety and health of each member of the team as well as the welfare of the general public. aci's goal is to have accident free work sites at all times. aci is certified as a safety contractor with washington State Labor & Industries and Associated General Contractors with a mod factor well below the industry standard. aci works with the Integrated Group who manages and administrates aci's entire safety program from documentation, training, reporting and much more.  

safety achievements:

  • Certified and approved safety contractor with LNI and Approach Management Services (AMS).

  • Three year Washington State Experience Rating below the construction industry standard of 1.0. 

  • Experience Rating has never been above 1.  Current Experience Rating: .8134

  • Enrolled in the SMART Dream Team which is a select group of participants that are industry leaders in safety.

  • Comprehensive Accident Prevention and effective Claims Management Program.

  • Employee Safety Recognition Program.