LOCATION:     Gig Harbor, WA
START DATE:   2008
CONTRACT:    $3,521,428
Under strict time constraints, ACI completed all major items of this project within 45 days of a 108 work-day project. ACI reconstructed approx, 1,400 ft. of roadway; constructed new sidewalks, curbs and gutters; installed storm drainage, storm water detention vault, water quality vault, concrete and block retaining walls; auger bored a 24" diameter storm drain pipe under a major highway (Hwy 16); relocated sanitary sewer force main; installed illumination systems, provided striping, permanent signage, traffic control; installed closed bottom box culvert, constructed a salmon stream (fish-way), relocated and restored a stream, provided wetland mitigation and habitat restoration with additional culverts, grading, plantings, and other work.